The future of home building is about to get…TINY!

We all know it – the cost of buying and owning a house is expensive – even somewhat out-of-reach for people looking to enter the housing market. And as the cost of living continues to soar, many people are opting out of buying a home altogether.

Traditionally, there haven’t been a whole lot of options. You can keep renting – that is, if you like the idea of paying off someone else’s house. Or you can continue living with your parents. This isn’t so cool if you’re over the age of 30 and ideally looking for a place to call your own.

With this in mind – as well as the changing scope of what lifestyle means to a new generation of urban, minimalist travel-seeking adventurers – even the simplest idea of what a home needs to look like is evolving – and quickly.




Go Big…Go Tiny!

Jennifer McCarthy and her team at Teacup Tiny Homes now have the solution for you. Whether you’re looking to get into the minimalistic housing market, downsizing your existing housing needs or seeking a portable living option freeing you up to do more traveling – Teacup Tiny Homes makes owning your own home simpler.

“We grant people the opportunity to obtain financial freedom. We help by simplifying life, removing clutter, and lowering the cost of living. With savvy designs and alternative thinking, we create tiny luxuries that are innovative, affordable and a place to call home”.




With over 15 years of experience in residential design and construction, Teacup Tiny Homes are designed and built for living. Jen and her team understand how to analyze a lifestyle and design around it. She is an expert in functional design & residential construction. And building tiny homes on wheels is what her and her team do best.

“We are passionate about bringing home ownership to reality. Whether you desire full time living, a cabin in the woods, an outdoor shack, or a summer getaway, we have options for everything”.



Teacup Tiny Homes use conventional residential building practices and follow national safety standards. Their homes are safe for those living in them, neighbours around them and the environment in which they reside.




A big partnership

Exteriors by Leroy & Darcy have been an incremental part of the construction of Teacup’s first build. Undertaking such a unique project as part of our own ‘Special Projects Division’ really demonstrates the diversity of our customers and their projects – whether it’s building a home or building a home on wheels.

And as Jen says: “Live your dreams, live them affordably and experience life to the fullest. Find your very own Little Piece of Awesome!”

You can follow the progress of Tiny Teacup Homes on Instagram @teacuptinyhomes or on Facebook:

We’re excited to be part of this special project and will also keep you up to date as we near completion of this big-hearted tiny home 🙂