Building codes – what you need to know is…

Whether you are building your new home or renovating your existing home, building codes are a set of standard rules to which building can be constructed. Building codes not only applied to protect public health and safety, but they also ensure that homes and buildings meet efficiency standards relating to energy and water use.

In Canada, jurisdiction over building codes is a provincial responsibility, and it is common for building codes to differ between provinces.

When building codes are approved at a provincial and/or even national level, builders and contractors must meet these codes. Building code cover a diverse range of rules, from the use of specified building products right through to the application of these products.

And failure to meet these codes often results in legal action against negligent builders and/or contractors – especially when the health and safety of the project or homeowner is at risk.

Because house building technology and systems are constantly changing and improving, building codes play an important role in ensuring that new innovations and building techniques can come into use, and that these are applied safely by the industry.

Exteriors by Leroy & Darcy undertakes rigorous training and development with building product manufacturers, suppliers, builders and architects, as well local municipality and industry associations partners such as Lethbridge Construction Association and Canadian Home Builder’s Association.

This ensures that you are not only working with a qualified, experienced Contractor, but you are working with a contractor who understands the evolving scope of the construction industry, and how these changes affect the build or renovation of your home.

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