AL13™ has changed the game. Our
metal panel system is cut to fit and snaps together on site, reducing costs,
installation and lead times.

The system does not require
prefabrication and can be installed on
any type of structure.

The AL13™ system differs from other ACM systems in that it is a tab-over system. The panels are secured by the
snap-lock fasteners. Panels are not
welded or formed during construction.

This allows for each panel to expand and contract across a broad temperature spectrum without causing buckling or oil-canning.

The tab-over design is unique to
AL13™, consisting of five different
aluminum extruded profiles. The panel spacers and extrusions work together to create a pressure equalized rain screen system, allowing any moisture to exit.

Installation is simple and allows the
configuration to be tailored on site.

No more waiting for prefabricated panels!

Residential Projects

With it’s clean architectural lines and easy to install system, AL13 is the ideal solution for your next residential or multifamily project.

Commercial Projects

AL13 specializes in cladding commercial projects of all shapes and sizes. Our system is cut to fit on site, allowing clients to save time and money.

standard finishes

AL13™ is available in a wide range of standard colors and finishes which are in stock should quick orders be necessary.

standard options

Solid Colors: 35
Wood Color: 10
Metallic Colors: 5

custom finishes

AL13 is available with an unlimited number of color options. With Exteriors by Leroy & Darcy and AL13 we will ensure that your project comes out the way you imagined.

unlimited colors

endless possibilities