Let it snow, let it snow!

Well there it is, Southern Albertans – the first ‘real’ snow for this season. It’s something we’ve come to expect – after all, it is a little late this year, isn’t it?

However, once the snow falls, it is a good idea to ask yourself: “Is my house ready for winter?”

Many homeowners find themselves asking this important question too late, and often find that the stress and added weight of all that snow & water sitting on their roof has caused bigger problems down the road.

Exteriors by Leroy and Darcy can inspect your home – including your roof lines, and make vital repairs to damaged roofing shingles, insuring that your home is safe – before the snow really kicks in.

Please call us on 4033279113 and speak to one of our friendly staff today.


Stay warm!

Exteriors by Leroy & Darcy